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25 Years of Dental Practice Design

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”   – Aristotle

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Designed around you and your patients.

Aesthetically beautiful, hygienic, yet functional.

We've been designing, crafting and fitting Dental Practices & Surgeries for over 25 years. In that time, we've perfected our skills in achieving the ultimate goal of a great Dental Practice

- to provide Dentists with a space that is professional, functional and hygienic, aiding & enhancing your daily workflow; whilst at the same time offering patients a space that is welcoming, puts them at ease and facilitates a wonderful experience, every time.

That is no easy task. And often we'll see practices or surgeries that compromise, achieving only one or the other. They either sacrifice practicality at the expense of treatment workflow, in favour of design flourishes and impractical layouts meant to convey some sense of superiority. Or they are cold, uninviting and industrial, in order to achieve an environment that favours functionality and processes, but at the expense of the patients' experience.

No compromises.

At BeaverDent, there are no compromises.

Using the knowledge and skills that we've attained over a quarter of a century in the Dental Industry, we deliver Dental Practices & Surgeries that are beautiful, inviting, functional, feature rich and tailored to yours and your patients' individual needs. When working with us to design your Dental Practice, we take into account every single factor that will impact the success of the project, down to the finest details:

  • The useable space that is available and the shape of that space
  • The patient journey - from the moment they walk through the front door, to the reception experience, the waiting room ambience, their treatment and finally their exit journey
  • The types of treatments and services your Dental Practice offers, and importantly, may offer in the future
  • Lighting - taking into account the amount of natural light that is available and determining the best type, location and use of artificial lighting
  • Choosing materials that provide durability, hygiene and easy maintenance, whilst being aesthetically pleasing and in-keeping with your personal brand
  • Designing cabinetry and work surfaces that make yours and your teams lives easier, by complementing and even enhancing your daily workflow, whilst reducing clutter and providing patients with a welcoming and reassuring environment
  • Equipment that works for you and your patients - from choosing the right chair that offers a flexible delivery system to suit your space, budget and individual working style, to the process of sterilising and maintaining your handpieces
  • Ease of access to equipment for future servicing and maintenance
  • And much more...

We bring all of our experience and expertise to our designs, to ensure that you are left with a Dental Practice that delivers on every success measure with no compromises.

What sets us apart from the competition.

At BeaverDent, we offer a turnkey solution. We take all of the complexities of creating a beautiful, functional and profitable Dental Practice, tailor it to your individual requirements and and deliver it to you in one simple package. Many of our competitors will only offer part of the solution, or worse still, subcontract certain tasks to third parties. This inevitably leads to project delays, inconsistent standards of workmanship and increased costs.

We, on the other hand, are there at every stage of the project. From the design process, to manufacturing custom cabinetry, to supplying Dental Equipment, to ongoing maintenance and servicing - we are with you every step of the way. Graham, our Managing Director, personally oversees each and every new Dental Practice and/or Surgery that BeaverDent delivers, to ensure the highest standards that he expects are achieved every time.

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